Trump Ticks one off of His List



President Obama’s final international trip to Greece, Germany and Peru has been extended, indefinitely.

President-elect Donald Trump’s insistent mandate to deport three million foreigners from US soil this week was reduced to 2,999,999 when he refused Obama entry back into the USA bellowing, “Ha-ha, that’s one ticked off my list. Let that be a lesson to Wyclef Jean too, he better not take a holiday or he won’t be returning either.”

Seems the tables have been turned on the President, in Europe to discuss the “troubling strain” of rhetoric playing on America’s fears of globalisation to win the presidency; in other words to take the piss out of the boundless Trump empire.

Donald has reacted with anger, striking Obama off his list of potential deportees, much to the delight of Middle Americans. “Now we can get our country back, this is not Footloose, I don’t do dancing, especially that ragtime shit,” he told Poop Scoop this morning.

When pointed out that although Obama’s roots are Kenyan, he was born in Hawaii, Trump waved the information aside and claimed, “They’re all foreign trash to me. Gloria Estefan better watch her back too, now shut it and build this bloody wall!”

In response, a spokesman for President Obama told Poop Scoop exclusively, “Trump is a twat, it’s a bit like when your Dad pretended to drive off before you got back in the car; such a pathetic trick. The President will not rise to it and will carry on dancing.”


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