Fake News Sites are to blame for the Dark Age

Researchers in America proved websites publishing “fake news” are solely responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, the event which plunged the civilised world into the Dark Age.

The historical periodisation characterised by scarcity in written records hindered historians from understanding the era where scientific progress was mired and edification slowed. “What is clear,” suggested Professor Albert Schwartz, head of the study, “is that plenty of these fake news sites were operating back then, encouraging the northern barbarians to rise against Diocletian.”

Now Facebook have organised an unofficial task force to question their role in the spread and promotion of fake news in the run up to Odacer deposing the Emperor Romulus, circa 476AD.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the claims as “insanis idea ut a pulchellus,” along with other, even wilder accusations that these sites could also have been responsible for Donald Trump’s presidency triumph, Brexit and the decline in faith that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Although Poop Scoop is new to the more serious side of news coverage, we strongly disagree with Mr Zuckerberg and stand faithful to the original claims of the American researchers; the spread of these bogus news networks, publishing articles which are myth, lies and complete baloney are indeed responsible for stirring a frenzy of misinformation and influencing the rise of the Dark Age, Brexit, Trump’s success and Nessy.

we cannot expect the masses to comprehend the subtle mendacities put out by these so-called news sites and suggest Facebook investigate and take down all posts published and shared from the Daily Mail, The Express and Sun; before history repeats and we find ourselves in another Dark Age.


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