Paul Nuttall was NOT on the Titanic


UKIP leader Paul Nuttall admitted past claims that he lost “close personal friends” in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD was a slight fib.

He told Pompeii Radio City “someone he knew” had died in the tragedy, went on to claim he was also on the Titanic during its disastrous maiden voyage in 1912, and even stated he witnessed the asteroid crashing into the Earth which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period too.

The MEP, who is standing in the Stoke Central by-election, said those casting doubt on whether he was at such historic disasters were “obviously Muslim.”

Mr Nuttall later retracted his statement, saying he had no control over his own mouth but still, voting UKIP will still be best for Britain, “and cross my heart and hope to die,” he assured.


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