Flake News is Fake News

flake two break

News concerning Cadbury’s announcement that the price of their Flakes are to rise a staggering twenty percent have been slammed as fake.

A spokesman for Cadbury’s, Drake Lake released a statement directed to all fake news sites not to make fake news about Flake news.

Fake news site were quick to respond, claiming the fake Flake news was not fake but alternative fact.

Meanwhile alternative fact sites were slammed for claiming an alternative fudge recipe is used to bake their fudge cake.

Drake said, “for Christ’s sake, fake Flake news and alternative Fudge cake facts are caked with fake facts and will be firmly flaked out.”

To add to the confusion Cadbury later issued a statement claiming no one called Drake Lake was employed by them, and is probably an emerging competetor out to cake the flake for his own sake.

Leading to the suspicion that if Drake Lake bake fake fudge cake and make fake flake news it’s for the money it’d rake.

The issue continues.


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