Driving Test Changes: Can you drive while balancing a Big Mac on your lap?


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has announced a shakeup of the driving test to update its antiquated procedures in line with the modern world. Operating a sat-nav with a disposable salad fork while stopped at traffic lights is one of the lesser controversial new skills under scrutiny.

Teaching young drivers how to Order at a drive-thru while being nagged by a girlfriend could cut congestion at fast food outlets, the DVSA advise.

Driving with a Big Mac meal on your lap is another new element to the test, along with adjusting the drinking spout on a Starbucks coffee cup on the overtaking lane of a motorway.

Mobile phones feature extensively, including tasks such as filming other people’s mistakes and posting them on Facebook, downloading and using Google Earth and Just Eat apps. Adding make-up and pouting for selfies for female drivers has been covered.

How to wipe your boots on the map your dad gave you for Christmas is essential claim the DVSA, to avoid feet slipping on pedals. Other advance map reading skills are not needed.

Some new laws have been put forward by various media outlet polls, Sun readers opted for ensuring all drivers know how to force cyclists into potholes while Daily Mail readers thought it best to advise new drivers how to keep control of your vehicle while yelling abuse at Muslims passing by.


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