Queen Calls Emergency Meeting as Spaceship Lands to Take Thersea May Back to Home Planet.


Wild speculation abound on social media at the emergency meeting of all Buckingham Palace staff has been quenched by media  stating there’s no concern, for humans.

An announcement is due later today expected to reveal the arrival of a giant flying saucer from a planet two-hundred light years away.

The vast vessel landed in the palace grounds and an alarmed corgi woke the Queen.

An alien leader greeted her and explained they’d tracked a fugitive from a grotesque warrior race to this location. The warrior is said to be highly dangerous.

Upon hearing the description the Queen showed the alien a piture of yesterday’s guest at the palace, Prime Minster Thersea May.

The creature was positively identified and will be returned to its home planet to face a tribunal with the certain penalty of death.

The Queen was said to be delighted with the news and is expected to praise the alien leader and thank him. Her speech at 1PM will be heavy influenced by Star Wars, on this most sacred day.

What will this mean for the UK, the public asks. The Queen is expected to reply, “hope.”


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